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About Bella

As the founder of Artful Banyan Tree, I'm a passionate advocate for the power of art to promote well-being and positive change.

Art has always been a very important part of my life. As a child, I would spend hours lost in my own creative world, painting, drawing, dancing and singing. I loved the way art allowed me to freely express myself and to connect with my body and inner experiences.

When I was in university, I studied both psychology and business psychology, and at the same time I did my facilitation training in expressive arts. This multidisciplinary learning experience enabled me to see the interconnections between art, wellness, personal and organisational development. In addition to my educational background, I've been practicing yoga and mindfulness daily over the last 17 years, this has helped me better understand the mind-body connection and the importance of having a holistic approach in the process of well-being promotion. Under the influence of my mum, who is also a performing artist and an excellent yoga coach, I always love helping people to connect with their bodies and minds through movement, breath, and meditation.

My curiosity and exploratory spirit have taken me across continents - China, the UK, Germany, Sweden., etc. This global adventure has been enriched by the diverse colours and textures of cultures, and also equipped me with a global mindset and the ability to create an open and inclusive space that inspires learning and development.

In my work with individuals and groups, I always incorporate an interdisciplinary approach, combining scientific theories with creative practices in order to make the learning experience more fun, interactive, and engaging. I have applied arts-based methodologies in various projects to foster learning & development, cross-cultural collaboration, resilience building, as well as health and well-being promotion at the workplace. I have facilitated a number of leadership development programs for clients in various industries, including technology, automobile, marine industry, industrial manufacturing, engineering, financial services, and legal services.

In the summer of 2023, I decided to follow my creative aspirations and founded Artful Banyan Tree. I wanted to create a space where people could come together to unleash their creative potential through artistic expression; restore equilibrium by connecting with nature; and enhance overall wellness by incorporating aesthetics into daily life. 

I believe art can help us reconnect with our inner selves and inspire us to be more creative, more compassionate, and more engaged in the world around us.  I'm excited to continue my work at Artful Banyan Tree and to empower individuals, organisations, and communities through artful creations!

Company founder, Bella Zhang, Creative Wellness Coach, Ogranisational Consultant, Arts-Based Facilitator, Artist, Psychology
Yoga, mindfulness, Bella Zhang, yoga instructor, company founder

Professional Background

  • Master of Arts in Business Psychology 

       Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

  • Master of Arts with Honours in Psychology

      The University of Edinburgh

  • Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator

      Expressive Arts Coaching & Consulting

      The Expressive Arts Institute Berlin

      The European Graduate School

  • Certified Yoga Instructor​

  • NEO-PI-3 Accreditation 

  • Acting, Voice Acting & Improvisation Training 

  • Dance Performing (Edinburgh Arts Festivals)

My Creative Portfolio

Some of my artworks over the past few years. I love experimenting with different materials and art modalities in my creative expressions. I always get inspired by the colours and textures when I visit different cultures.

It's always fun and playful to integrate different art forms, as a painting can be emerged from the sound you hear, a poem can arrive from the image you see, a dance may come to life after singing the song.


By embracing the unknown, we start to trust the process and let things unfold naturally and effortlessly.

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