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Collaborative Network

Collaborating for impact.

We are proud to forge strong partnerships with individuals and organisations who share the same passion across diverse domains. Together, we embark on a journey of creativity, growth, and positive transformation!

business partner, aesthetic research lab founder, expert in aesthetics, teacher and researcher

Michael R. Spicher, PhD
Speaker, Philosopher, Writer

Michael writes and speaks about aesthetics, beauty, taste, and digital fashion, especially how theories connect to different practices. In 2016, he founded the Aesthetics Research Lab, which brings together different sectors engaged with aesthetic questions and solutions. Drawing from his perspective as a philosopher, he speaks to professional and general audiences, including contexts like fashion, business, and architecture. He has written academic articles about aesthetics, but he has turned his attention to more public contexts and is a regular contributor to BeautyMatter, a resource for the beauty industry. He is also the aesthetics area editor for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Based in Boston, he teaches regularly at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Boston Architectural College.

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aesthetic research, institute, study, blog, learning, philosophy

Aesthetic Research Lab (A.R.L)

Theories of beauty and taste have a long history in philosophy. However, new research—from neuroscience to organizational management to user experience and product design—has heightened our understanding about how aesthetics influences everyday decisions and actions. Keeping a pulse on all that is new in aesthetics, Aesthetics Research Lab (ARL) serves as a think tank to bring together different sectors engaged with aesthetic questions and solutions.

business partner, leadership coach, organizational consultant, expert, Sweden

Marie Norberg

Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant

Marie studied sociology, family therapy, Gestalt psychology in Organisations, system theory, change processes, and Organisational and system development. For several years she did research in psychosocial work environments which deepened her interest in Management and leadership and their importance for creative, healthy organizations.

She has combined her experiences into a pragmatic, dynamic, and process-oriented way of working with managers and organizations. After a period of running Gestalt-oriented consultancy and leadership development programs, she 1997 founded the company she still runs today. She works with leadership development, Management team facilitation, senior Executive coaching, and team building.

Always present in her work has been her interest in culture, both inside an organization and intercultural.

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business partner, psychologist, consultant

Radostina Netsova

Social Psychologist, Mindset Mentor & Corporate Consultant

Radostina holds three master’s degrees (in social psychology; economics and marketing; philosophy and education) and a forthcoming Ph.D. focused on knowledge management.

She has over 20 years of international corporate experience from FinTech, EduTech, and PharmTech business sectors and in the course of multiple leadership roles, she has designed and directed numerous capacity-building and professional development programs with an ultimate goal of promoting the interconnection between the contemporary concepts for learning and well-being.


Her membership in several international organisations likewise her academic and executive interests are related to cross-disciplinary project and event management. She has organised, moderated and presented at a variety of business, political, scientific, and cultural conferences within Europe. Radostina Netsova is the founder and director of a conceptional consultancy company Alter Academium – Psychology Platform for Personal Progress and Professional Prosperity, and author of the Magnum Opus Mindset concept.

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organizational health management, professor, organisational consultant, teaching, university, research, Germany

Dr. Gerhard Westermayer

Leading Expert in Organisational Health Management &
anisational Consultant

Dr. Westermayer has been working as a scientist and a consultant in the field of organisational health management. He regularly publishes new findings and views in occupational health.

He has been advising and supporting companies in all sectors with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of WHM systems.

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