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For Individuals

We offer a range of services aimed at nurturing your personal well-being and flourishing.

Our offerings include one-to-one coaching, arts-based facilitation workshops, and embodied yoga & meditation classes.

Through these avenues, we guide you on a journey of self-discovery, personal development, and wellness enhancement. Whether you're seeking to cultivate mindfulness, find balance, or foster a deeper connection within, we are here to support you on the path to holistic well-being.

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Arts-Based Coaching

Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach, integrating psychology, expressive arts, embodiment, and mindfulness, our personalised coaching is designed to empower you to

  • restore inner balance and harmony

  • relieve stress and tension

  • cultivate self-awareness

  • align head, heart, and hara (the soft belly)

  • strengthen resilience and emotional well-being

  • promote inner development

  • identify and overcome limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns

  • gain new perspective and insight

  • unlock inner potential

  • boost creativity through artistic expression

  • initiate awareness-based change

Our unique approach harmonises mind, body, and soul, inviting you to begin your self-exploration through activating bodily senses, finding your creative expression in different art modalities, tapping into your creative imagination, immersing in playfulness and a culture of experimentation that help to expand your reality and open new doors to new possibilities in life. Embrace the synergy of these elements, forging a path toward self-transformation and vitality

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation session to explore and co-design your personalised wellness coaching program.

Arts-Based Facilitation Workshops

Discover a range of arts-based facilitation workshops that are curated to enhance your well-being and flourishing. With both online and offline options, you'll engage in creative exploration, embodied mindfulness practices, and aesthetic expression as you journey towards self-discovery and equilibrium.

In addition, our interdisciplinary approach encourages collaboration and connection through shared aesthetic experience and co-creativity.  This would allow us to build an inclusive community in which individuals can support each other's growth and transformation journeys.

Check out our ongoing and upcoming events and programs!

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Embodied Yoga & Mindfulness Class

Our embodied yoga and mindfulness classes are available for both private and group sessions.


Engaging in mindful movement and yoga asanas can boost one's life energy (prana or Qi) and rejuvenating the body with increased flexibility, strength, and overall physical vitality; at the same time, calming an overactive mind and promoting increased focus and concentration. Additionally, the integration of mindful breathwork yields positive effects on the autonomic nervous system, fostering relaxation and balance. This practice is linked to improved respiratory function, increased self-awareness, and a heightened sense of being in the present moment.

Mindful movements and breathwork promote a harmonious energy flow, enhancing overall well-being by supporting physical health and mental vitality. Cultivating prana or Qi through this practice can lead to increased energy levels, improved mood, and a heightened sense of aliveness.

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