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Image by Imat Bagja Gumilar

Program  2023-2024

The Art of What If:


Co-creating A New Narrative for the Future

A personal development program designed to explore and shape our future through the Inner Development Goals (IDGs): Being, Thinking, Collaborating, Relating, Acting.


This program offers both online and in-person workshops, each interweaving arts-based methodologies with elements rooted in nature to promote holistic development and well-being. 

Image by Michael Krahn, workshops, personal development program, inner development goals

Integration Workshop  --   10 -11/08/2024 - Stockholm

Integrating Our Collective Wisdom:


Forging A New Path Forward

Opening the door to the Integration Workshop, we have now come to the last part of the personal development program The Art of What If: Co-creating A New Narrative for the Future

Now, we are inviting you to come to the meeting point where we will bring together the five inner dimensions and align our personal and collective visions and wisdom through embodied learning; at the same time, being inspired and supported by the resources that come from art, nature, and aesthetics.


Workshop No. 4.  --   28/04/ 2024

Inspiring Collaboration:


Mobilising Strengths & Collective Wisdom for Shared Purpose

In our collective presence, we are interconnected and closely linked to one another. This provides us with wonderful opportunities to collaborate and establish common ground. With that comes a responsibility to approach collaboration with curiosity, inclusion and openness in mind.


When we discover an inspiring joint purpose that aligns with our values, we feel excited and eager to unleash and mobilise energy and engagement. This embodies true collective action.

Join us to foster collaborative efforts needed for meaningful change through art and creativity!


Workshop No. 3.  --   17/03/ 2024



The Dance of Interconnectedness

Everything in the universe is interconnected. Our shared origin binds us, and together, we choreograph a dance of thoughts, emotions, and lived experiences. By embracing our bonds with all living beings and future generations, we can become more caring, humble, and appreciative of the essence of existence. 

Join us for a unique and inspiring workshop and explore the beauty of interconnectedness of all things through artful inquiry!


Workshop No. 2.  --   01/02/ 2024

Curious Minds:


Exploring The Power of Thinking

Enhance your ability to perceive the world from diverse vantage points and understand the world as an interconnected whole.

Join us in this creative workshop where you will elevate your thinking to make mindful decisions to shape a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

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