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Artful Banyan Tree

A space for wellness and aesthetic living

Artful Banyan Tree is a creative sanctuary where we empower individuals, organizations, and communities to shape a harmonious and sustainable future through art, nature, and aesthetic living. We are dedicated to fostering well-being and human flourishing based on an interdisciplinary approach. Through various forms of creative exploration, we inspire individuals to discover and experience small moments of joy and beauty which can enrich their lives and holistic well-being. 

Check out our offerings and find out how we can better support you, your organisation and community. We look forward to partnering with you on this transformation journey! 

Our Story

Welcome to Artful Banyan Tree — a Sweden-based consulting company that provides consulting, coaching, and facilitation services based on an interdisciplinary approach.

We collaborate with like-minded partners globally in fields of psychology, health and wellness, arts & culture, aesthetics, organisational development, and Eastern philosophy, etc.

Our mission empowers individuals, organisations, and social communities to reimagine the future through the transformative power of art and creativity.

With Bella, the founder of the company, our creative space inspires growth and collective transformation!

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Our Philosophy & Framework

Interdisciplinary, Holistic, Regenerative

Our interdisciplinary approach draws knowledge and practices from multiple fields, including psychology, expressive arts, organisational studies, mindfulness, and embodiment. We strive to promote well-being and flourishing for individuals, organisations, and social communities by integrating key elements of art, nature, and aesthetics. Learn More...
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What We Offer

Inspire, Create, Empower

Image by Studio Kealaula
Image by Sushobhan Badhai
Image by Karolina Badzmierowska

Restoring Balance and Harmony

  • Arts-Based Coaching

  • Arts-Based Facilitation Workshops

  • Embodied Yoga & Mindfulness Class

Renew, Reframe, Regrow

  • Health & Well-Being Promotion

  • Arts-Based Development Programs

Celebrating Collective Creativity

  • Community Art

  • Cultural Events & Activities

  • Seasonal Artful Dialogue

Seasonal Artful Dialogue

Sharing Learnings and Insights

Coming Up Next

Connection & Co-Creation

  • R.E.L.A.T.I.N.G: The Dance of Interconnectedness
    R.E.L.A.T.I.N.G: The Dance of Interconnectedness
    sön 17 mars
    Online Workshop
    17 mars 2024 10:30 – 12:30 CET
    Online Workshop
    Everything in the universe is interconnected. Our shared origin binds us, and together, we choreograph a dance of thoughts, emotions, and lived experiences. Join us for a unique and inspiring workshop and explore the beauty of interconnectedness through artful inquiry!


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